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Trying to place the children… An estimated 170,000 public school students in Louisiana and Mississippi have been displaced from their schools because of hurricane damage. School districts in areas at the edge of the storm report being deluged with requests […]

Are you starting to change your driving habits? Going to stay home this weekend instead of a trip you’d planned? Getting serious about carpooling? Personally, I’m pushing for the expansion of the  tele-commuting revolution. Why should, say, an editor have […]

September 1, 2004 , a 3-day siege began at a school in Beslan, Russia: Stepping through the blackened shell of Beslan School No. 1, thousands of people were shown on television as they carried roses and candles into the gymnasium […]

Because for most of us, this whole experience is mediated through the,, it’s interesting to look at what they’re saying about it and how they’re presenting it. A good digest is the TVNewser Earlier this week, NBC’s Brian Williams […]

An interesting little piece from the WSJ on what the homeschoolers – both religious and secular – are reading.

Pulled from a 100+ comment thread below, the story of Sherry Weddell, of the wonderful Catherine of Siena Institute: Since I seem to be the only commenter here who has experienced losing everything in a major hurricane, let me explain […]

On almost every thread here and elsewhere, there are political arguments trying to be born, and, at the same time others clucking at those same arguments. "This isn’t the time," they say. Well, for sure it’s not the time for […]

A physician has set up a clinic in the Ritz-Carlton on Canal Street: an email from Tuesday: The health care situation here has dramatically worsened overnight. Many people in the hotel are elderly and small children. Many other guests have […]

Retired Archbishop Hannan (scroll down to #4610) – hat tip Jimmy Mac Pray for all of those still needing rescue, and there a shocking number in that situation…

In his August 19 address in Cologne to representatives of the Orthodox and Protestant churches, the Pope ad-libbed quite a bit, doubling his text in the process. It’s quite interesting. Go read.