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January 1, 1970 Archives

…she wasn’t wearing a sari today. But she was in some BoHo batik skirt with cool sandals and a kind of shawl thing up top. So I’m guessing she’s just likes long flowy-type things… And Joseph? He still "can’t remember" […]

Whispers at the Loggia has the text of the Pius X’ s society comment on the meeting, as well as this observation: Today’s Bollettino of the Press Office of the Holy See (found here) did not list an audience with […]

A look at the fate of some closed RC churches in Buffalo, which is girding for another round – some disputes on how the diocese is handling things (surprise!) Taking the local angle, there was a piece in yesterday’s Fort […]

…you can usually click on the "Saint of the Day" picture over there on the left and get info on, well…the saint of the day. Except when I forget or mess up the link of course. St. John the Baptist, […]

This blogger at Et In Arcadia Ego has very ably rounded up recent discussions:

A WaPo story about a Chinese man fighting China’s coercive one-child policy: It might appear a quixotic crusade — a blind peasant with limited legal training taking on the Communist Party’s one-child policy, which has long been considered a pillar […]

First word on the meeting between the Pope and the head of the St. Pius X Society: Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said the meeting between the pope and Monsignor Bernard Fellay, secretary general of the Society of St. Pius X, […]