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That this will be as apocalyptic as it sounds? And…in anticipation: Catholic Charities will be collecting assistance. Terry Teachout has a list of bloggers from the Gulf Coast, who are posting as they can. I’m really uncomfortable with this Superdome […]

…of far more vital happenings, but I have to get this HBO Sunday night shows post out of the way before any more time passes and it takes over my brain, totally. After the jump, for those interested:

Jeff Gill of Notes from My Knapsack sends along a link to this NYTimes review of a memoir by a mountain climber. "Unintentional pro-life writing" he called it. I can’t disagree, at all.

Will Duquette enjoyed In This House of Brede Love2LearnMom, homeschooling mom of 6 in Wisconsin, read Mr. Blue and shares a meaningful quote.

A Boston Globe piece on the Cardinal Newman Society, especially apropros, since the Society recently called Boston College on the carpet for its high concentration of purported heretics. Yet it’s difficult to independently verify some of the society’s claims of […]

Many new (well, newly listed) Catholic blogs at Kathryn Lively, who keeps up the ring.

Here’s the Truth Laid Bear blog aggregator on the hurricane…

Last one Roamin’ Roman has posted many, many, many photos Seminarian Jeff has final thoughts, including travel tips! Through a comment on his blog, I found this other blog of a seminarian who also attended and blogged about it afterwards […]

The text of the Pope’s address today: Not only youth, but communities and their pastors also, should take note of a fact which is fundamental for evangelization: where God does not take first place, where he is not recognized and […]

New book (about which I’ve been hearing for a while, I think) claims Shakespeare’s plays contained elaborate coded, political language: Far from being an ambitious entertainer who played down his Catholic roots under a repressive Elizabethan regime, Shakespeare took deliberate […]