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Decisions provokes anger Federal drug regulators on Friday once again delayed making a decision on allowing over-the-counter sales of the morning-after pill, saying they needed more time to gather public reaction to the plan and to figure out how they […]

David Morrison of Sed Contra has many interesting posts of late, including a couple on American Catholic history that shine light into some little-known corners. Maureen O’Brien writes about the new hot genre in Russian fantasy literature: sacral fantastica: At […]

Judge rules that parish assets are available: A federal bankruptcy judge yesterday ruled that churches and schools in the Catholic Diocese of Spokane are owned by the diocese and can be sold to pay settlements to sex-abuse victims, a decision […]

Vatican and Israel make up: A dispute between Israel and the Vatican over Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on terrorism appears to have been resolved, after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon sent a letter calling the pontiff "a true friend of […]

Two paths, two views: Andrew Dalton and Edward Fink started similar spiritual journeys. Affluent uber-Catholics in metro Atlanta, they frequently attended Mass and practiced traditional church teachings. Ultimately, they joined the Legionaries of Christ, the orthodox religious order that aggressively […]