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January 1, 1970 Archives

The original sin, but still highly enjoyable pastime of parents everywhere is criticizing other parents. God knows what people say about the mother of the little boy in striped shirts. But pardon me if I wonder about the two boys […]

Matthew Mehan on a new book on Thomas More, over at NRO And then at the Corner, a couple of posts discussing More re/heretics, Tyndale, etc.

Bill Cork’s got the beginnings of a discussion on Catholic speakers and their (our) fees over on his blog. I’ve put in my two cents. Bottom line: I’m not anywhere near the top of the list in terms of demand, […]

The remarkable lessons of Professor Ratzinger – Sandro Magister’s analysis. Benedict XVI spoke the latter of these words at the culmination of the nocturnal vigil in Marienfeld, before an altar beneath a starry sky. And then, all of a sudden, […]

David at the Catholic Report has spoken both with the pastor of the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation and the police chief of Carey,OH, and presents their conflicting reports of what happened at the Assumption Day Riots.