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She writes: Under the title of your entry ‘ Inspired’ (august 22, 2005) is a comment from Maureen. Her entry ends with: ‘I suspect we’ll see a big crop of great Christian writers and artists from out of Eastern Europe. […]

Specter Supporters, and you know Who You Are: The House and the Senate are again at odds over whether or not to offer comprehensive protection for hospitals, medical personnel and insurance companies that do not want to pay for or […]

Papabile says: The first ten days of September will leave everyone’s head spinning. There’s a major reorg coming…. Whispers concurs: Combine those with reports from three continents that certain prelates have already been given happy news and are preparing for […]

The Newsweek cover package this week on spirituality Whatever is going on here, it’s not an explosion of people going to church. The great public manifestations of religiosity in America today—the megachurches seating 8,000 worshipers at one service, the emergence […]

Different views in the scientific community: When you are searching for truth you should use every possible avenue, including revelation," said Dr. Murray, who is a member of the Pontifical Academy, which advises the Vatican on scientific issues, and who […]

Seminary visitation will begin next month. Anyone who was involved or witnessed the last round in ’89 – do you think this one will be different?

You may recall me blogging about a riot at an Assumption pilgrimage at the Our Lady of Consolation shrine in Carey, Ohio. Well, the full picture of the events is taking shape: An article in which law enforcement describes what […]

There is much detail at the Taize website, including a list of those attending, including Cardinal Kaspar.

A SFGate compilation of a good number of European press reactions to WYD and Pope’s visit.

Catholic hospital opens in North Korea The Rason International Catholic Hospital opened on August 5, 2005, in Rason, Hamgyeongbuk-do province, eastern North Korea. The hospital was built with the assistance of the Catholic International Cooperation Medical Service and thanks to […]