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January 1, 1970 Archives

A NYTimes article on a new exhibit at the Museum of Biblical Art: I am trying to figure out how the writer reads art and is able to distinguish between expressions of faith and aesthetic concerns. It seems that he […]

Joseph did start preschool today. All day, no less. Nothing like having a mother throw you into the deep end for your first swimming lesson. I haven’t blogged about it yet because…I wanted to wait until the day was done. […]

Professor Bainbridge on the Moment: It’s time for us conservatives to face facts. George W. Bush has pissed away the conservative moment by pursuing a war of choice via policies that border on the criminally incompetent. We control the White […]

Note to the rich people whose yard abuts ours: Your housepainters are playing stickball in your backyard. We’ll say it’s lunchtime and let it go at that.

The Pope had realistic, hopeful words for the German bishops: This means being a Church open to the future, and therefore one full of promise for coming generations. Young people, in fact, are not looking for a Church which panders […]

This fellow wants us to start thinking about it! I’m game. My daughter is already speaking wistfully about maybe going…well, three years is long enough to plan, and sure…why not? What might be interesting is starting conversations with the Vatican […]

Brandon Evans has some final thoughts from Paris – his group had to leave the Papal Mass during the homily in order to make their flights Tim Drake reflects on the Pope: The most critical comment I heard, from the […]

In the UK, screening embryos for the eye cancer gene