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Rick Warren in Rwanda: For months the clergyman has alluded in general terms to an immense volunteer effort called the PEACE plan, aimed at transforming 400,000 churches in 47 nations into centers to nurse, feed and educate the poor and […]

A blog entry from one of the hundreds of Filipinos who were denied visas by the German government May it also serve as a way to remember the irony that many young Filipinos–a people close to the heart of the […]

German teen mag giving away pope posters: The decision to include Pope Benedict instead of a pop band is momentous for Bravo, which reports a readership of 1.8m. "We wanted to do something special for this German pope," said Tom […]

The Pope’s forthcoming meetings (after Cologne) Via Pabile, who has several more interesting posts as well…

Here, from Fr. Roderick Vonhoegen of the Catholic Insider, which I’ll presently add to my list of links (click on the logo to the right for that.)

People are always writing me and asking me for suggestions on books for Catholic children – write no more, because here’s the website you need: Whipper Snapper Books: A Collection of Children’s Catholic Literature. Very good. h/t Meggan, my children’s […]

Protestant leaders express annoyance at the Catholics Once the short meeting was arranged, they made clear they would use it to bring up some issues dividing the churches. “We can’t avoid the question of joint church services,” Huber said. The […]

HMS Radio, from Greg and Lisa Popcak, is now podcasting!

Tim Drake is going full force, of course, but check this one out too: Ad Limina, which is very amusing: Sheridan, [of Colorado Springs] by the way, is a hulking beast of a man, with shoulders as broad as a […]

Various stories on WYD pilgrims from around the world: From Thailand India It should be a pilgrimage where I will have the chance to know myself better, to have an experience and thus to improve my contribution to the diocese […]