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Cardinal Meissner’s homily at the opening Mass in Cologne, here: We all have only one life. We are not granted a probationary period, free of responsibilities, like we are when we gain our driving licenses. We all set out on […]

Founder of Taize slain: That article says it was a man who stabbed Brother Roger during a liturgy, but the wires cited at Whispers in the Loggia say it was a woman. Quite sad… More here. The statement on the […]

A reflection on the megachurch, using T.D. Jakes as a starting point: Obviously, Jakes himself can’t do what the preacher did when I was growing up: write and deliver every sermon and visit every elderly shut-in and preside at prayer […]

Fr. Brian Stanley, commentor here and pastor of St. Charles Borromeo in Coldwater, MI, writes: First of all, German keyboards are a pain — the z and the y are switched around and it makes me stop to think. But […]

What I don’t understand about the Christian argument against Intelligent Design sort of things (even beyond the "theory" to the whole concept) is this: Is the Aristotelean/Thomist, etc Argument from Design dead, then? Is that what you’re saying? I agree […]

So I’ll post some recent articles on Intelligent Design, ‘kay? Leon Wieseltier in TNR The cunning souls who propound intelligent design are playing with fire, because they have introduced intelligence into the discussion. It is a standard to which they, […]

If you were confused by the press coverage of the disruption of the celebrations of the Feast of the Assumption at the shrine in Carey, Ohio, you’re not alone. However, David Hartline of the Catholic Report took a trip over […]

The Papabile blog has re-opened shop.

Tim Drake continues his valiant coverage of WD, including the opening press conference Here’s a link to live streaming coverage…says it’s "English"…but right now, English sounds a lot like German.

100,00 flock to icon: More than 100,000 people converged on an ancient monastery in the hills of northwest Romania on Monday to kiss an icon many believe has miraculous healing powers. Believers, many of whom walked to the monastery, began […]