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..about the propriety, etc. of posting and discussing the Monsignor Clark situation. Long-time readers could probably write my answer for me. This is a newsy-kind of blog, I guard comments very, very carefully, etc. But as I was perusing my […]

Malkin rounds up the news on the NARAL/Roberts ad debacle. With an unintentionally humorous quote from a Milwaukee SJournal ntinel editorial: So defamatory was the TV spot that some abortion-rights groups joined conservatives in rejecting it. As a result of […]

Vatican steps in to help actor who played JPII in film airing tomorrow night on Hallmark a visa Ian Holm is out, John Voight is in, as John Paul in CBS movie

A NYTimes Magazine article about a psychologist working to improve the cognitive futures of premature babies by making life in NICU more like the womb Als also encourages N.I.C.U. doctors and nurses to ensure that the babies experience long periods […]

Another article on the Sisters of Mary of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor, this one from the Detroit Free-Press. Rather unusual for a newspaper article, considering it is structured as a prayer… Dear God: How do you capture the soul […]

Well, actually I don’t, but that’s not the point. I mean – it’s fine, and it’s good, but my fundamental lack of ability to engage with some of the discussions we have here is that, as an only child raised […]

…everyone is fighting a great battle…This from a reader who hopes for our prayers for this family: Our good friends, the Browns, are going through the crucible right now.I’m sure you remember, the Browns are a family that converted in […]

Finally caught Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. Katie had seen it  a month ago, but this was our first chance to take Joseph, who has been talking about this movie for..a month. Here’s what I thought: Echoing the opinions […]