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Very interesting and pertinent piece by Sam Torode, convert from evangelicalism to Orthodoxy, on his renewed appreciation of the former I’m a grateful member of the Orthodox Church, and I’m happy to talk about the glories of this path as […]

John Allen has an excellent WYD backgrounder today: why the gathering is important, and what to look for in terms of Benedict’s meetings and talks during the event: Third, youth are critical to a pope’s capacity to lift the church […]

Christopher Dickey in Newsweek on Pope Benedict and Europe: In the end, there were 74 children—Jewish kids, from the ages of 6 to 18, who in 1942 and 1943 fled from Germany, Austria and Yugoslavia as their parents disappeared into […]

Over the past week, Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix has made some waves. He had issued the decision – to ban abortion and gay-marriage supporting politicians from speaking at Catholic institutions – last December, but it surfaced again this past week, […]

Prayers and good wishes to Domenico Bettinelli and Melanie Scott, to be married tomorrow!

Dare we hope? And the second bit of good news came a few weeks ago with the publication of an anthology of antagonists of Theory, Theory’s Empire. This is a door-stopper of a book with essays by eminent and often […]

Questions in England about a Catholic hosptial, a favorite of birthing celebrities, and its future plans St John and St Elizabeth, which was founded in 1856 by Cardinal Wiseman, already sub-lets part of its buildings to allow six NHS GPs […]

I’ll be pulling together those links this weekend – so if anyone has any to add, please post or email. Posting is better.

As some of you may know, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life is in the process of forming a Pro-Life society of priests, called Missionaries of the Gospel of Life The society will have a lay association, as Tim […]

From the Daily News Philip DeFilippo grew suspicious when his wife began working long hours and left instructions to call only in an emergency when Clark took her on business trips to Lisbon, Portugal, and St. Bart’s in the Caribbean. […]