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LDS and RC work together to help out in Niger The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated the emergency relief after being contacted by Catholic Relief Services. John Rivera, a spokesman for CRS in Baltimore, said his agency […]

We’ve talked about this book before of course, when it was first published, but you might want to know that Regina Doman’s wonderful book on life in the womb is now out in paperback. I can’t really say enough about […]

The import of the Clark story is, aside from the basics, his position as a trusted spokesman for orthodox Catholicism, which includes (I should say included – it’s been cut) a program on EWTN called "Relationships." His most recent moment […]

Rob Vischer has more concerns about that hearing yesterday on church finances Robert Araujo’s misgivings about the legislative effort in Massachusetts to require financial disclosure by all nonprofit organizations, including churches, are underscored by the public hearing held yesterday on […]

Monsignor Clark has resigned – Rocco’s got the goods. As well as another good post on a previous scandal related to a prominent Archdiocesan cleric, Bishop McCarthy

From a reader: I was reading the NYTimes story linked on Drudge in re: the NARAL ad attacking John Roberts. I saw this and noticed something funny: (More after the jump because cutting and pasting made the spacing all weird […]

Today is the day on which we remember St. Clare If you click on the picture to the left, you’ll go to a site that has an interesting and helpful outline of her life and examination of her writings and […]

More Boston, of course. At Mirror of Justice, Robert Araujo comments on the proposed legislation in Massachusetts : Pressure was then used by the civil authorities on the Church and its officials and members for questionable objectives. Is what is […]

Vatican rules that Boston Archdiocese can’t claim parish assets In a ruling that presents new complications for a sweeping reconfiguration plan in the Boston archdiocese, the Vatican has ruled that the archdiocese cannot unilaterally claim the assets of parishes that […]

100 members of China’s underground Church to be at WYD Visiting the pope on the way Another contingent of Chinese people has visited the Pope. They were present at this morning’s audience of Benedict XVI in Paul VI Hall, just […]