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Various spots and places for you to check out: Slate readers respond to Hitchens (scroll down to 8/2) Rich Leonardi muses about Louisville’s anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic riots in relation to the present day Seat Belt Blues – new blog!

Of course it doesn’t! Oh, but of course it does… Nevertheless, this op-ed tries to bring reason into the Roberts debate: Given those figures, it seems that if Judge Roberts did find Roe to be law in need of revision, […]

Football player-turned-priest in Milwaukee – If it’s a Sunday and you see 6-foot-5 and 365-pound Mike Lightner wearing green and gold, you could be forgiven for musing about the Green Bay Packers rather than your own salvation – even if […]

Well…if anyone ever wondered what I looked like, take it direct from someone at the booksigning today, who burst out with, "You look just like Bernadette Devlin!" Um, okay.

A Globe profile of a former IRA terrorist who’s now in seminary.. The last time we had gone for a long walk together, a decade earlier, I was covering the conflict in Northern Ireland for the Globe, and he was […]

From two places: From the Boston Globe From the NYTimes

Very nice words from a reader in Pittsburgh: I completed your book, Here. Now., earlier this week and I feel compelled to pass along my immeasurable gratitude to you for putting this terrific piece of work together.  This is by […]