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I often tell my older sons that you know, there will come a time when all you’ll have is each other. Maybe I should send them this photo as a reminder? Benedict visits his brother in the hospital..

I read the article on Joel Osteen in the current issue of Texas Monthly, and while it was worth reading because it was very thorough and fair, it still left me peeved, in a general sort of way, and the […]

The Cranky Professor hosts this round-up: What have people interested in things Ancient and Medieval been up to lately? Here are a few offerings — some submitted by their authors, some by readers, and some dug up by your host […]

Not everyone’s a believer – a report from the Cleveland paper. (And remember – this guy does healing services in Catholic churches in the area – or has been. No questions asked, apparently, either.)

Please check out this journal, published by the Catholic Studies program at the University of St. Thomas and the sample article on line by Paul Murray, OP: The Fourth Friend: Poetry in a Time of Affliction The integration of philosophical […]

This is a blog/website from Lewis Purdue, who is suing Dan Brown and Random House for plagiarism And another blog from Mr. Perdue, one which is also Dan Brown-focused, but more opinion-oriented than simply reporting on the case, as the […]

…8-month old babies are shockingly heavy. This after a day of carting him around sans stroller (which is in the car, but was buried underneath stuff in the trunk for most of the day, I think) – through many galleries […]

Car’s fixed (battery), and we’re off. Remember, we’re doing a booksigning at the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception book store on DC on Sunday from 1:30-3:30 – I hope to meet many of you there!

Gag me with a baby spoon: Sweet NYTimes profile of a abortion-rights activist She rummages on her desk and produces two charming snapshots that confirm her good fortune, blushing with pride and with apologies for her generic mom-ness, right to […]

Also from the Tablet – a caution: Like the secular martyrs of Tiananmen Square, and like the thousands of bishops, priests and faithful Catholics thrown into labour camps or killed since 1949, Cardinal Kung is still regarded as a criminal […]