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Consider this: the Da Vinci Code, despite its calumny against the church, was not deemed to be too controversial to turn into a film.  There is another book that has attracted the attention of screenwriters, and by most estimates, would […]

…but it’s still interesting. After all, in my years in and out and through the rural South, a startling number of the physicans I knew were Filipino. But this article says there’s a trend for Filipino doctors to re-train and […]

A WSJ piece wonders about journalists and the Constitution John Roberts will be the fourth Roman Catholic on the current Supreme Court, but only the 10th Catholic among the 109 justices who’ve served in the high court’s 215-year history. A […]

We didn’t get to spend as much time in town as I liked. We spent a bit more time at CMN this morning – it was pretty empty when we were there because Santorum was speaking to the crowd elsewhere. […]

I used to teach at a school that had so many problems, one of the teachers was convinced it had been built over a native American burial ground and was haunted for that very reason. New principals every year, soap-opera […]

Argentine bishops starts process: The archbishop of Buenos Aires started the beatification process for three priests and two seminarians killed in the 1970s during Argentina’s “Dirty War,” Vatican Radio said Thursday, seeking to have them declared martyrs for their faith. […]

In America, church historian John Jay Hughes review two of the new B16 books – Allen’s on the election, and Robert Moynihan’s intro to the Pope. It’s only available to subscribers, but it’s a favorable review (and I’ve read the […]

Really – this was great. Theology on Tap, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Young Adult Ministry. Well over a hundred folks on the bottom floor of an Irish pub – totally engaged with the matters at hand, great questions, […]

I’ll be speaking for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Theology on Tap program on Thursday: (click on the logo for details) August 4Will the REAL Jesus Please Stand Up? Why the Truth about Jesus Matters for You.Speaker: Amy Welborn (click here […]

Over a week ago, the WaPo ran this lengthy piece on Sarah Scantlin, severely injured in an accident twenty years ago, Sarah, lying in this bed nearly 20 years, brain-damaged, blank, speechless, immobile, staring out the same window. Couldn’t talk […]