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Thanks to the folks at the Crossroads Initiative, the excellent website of Marcellino D’Ambrosio, for featuring De-Coding on its debunking DVC page!

Washington sits on a substratum of Catholic conservatism that few people who aren’t from here understand. It goes back to Georgetown University and pre-D.C. Maryland history. It is that community that Roberts represents, and that Bush is paying homage to […]

You might be surprised where he’s been…

Michael’s going to be on this show in a second.(it’s 4:10) Listen here.

For all the writers out there,,,, put us in our place. Via Lickona

Some Singapore undergrads did a survey on blogging and blogging ethics late last winter. Here are the results.

A lot of you will undoubtedly find this new site, The Catholic Report, handy. Lots of links, plus a news feed. Drudge with a rosary.

Reader Tim sends along a link to one of those "not surprising but still…" kind of things. In brief: they’re already planning how to get your baby to buy stuff. Who is Gen We? A younger generation on the cusp […]

From this site, thanks to reader Tom

Dawn Eden quotes liberally from and links to a horrifying, sobering blog entry by a medical student who performed her first abortions The emotional distance of this woman is horrifying. This is real, not an idea. This is life and […]