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posted by awelborn

Thanks to the folks at the Crossroads Initiative, the excellent website of Marcellino D’Ambrosio, for featuring De-Coding on its debunking DVC page!


posted by awelborn

Washington sits on a substratum of Catholic conservatism that few people who aren’t from here understand. It goes back to Georgetown University and pre-D.C. Maryland history. It is that community that Roberts represents, and that Bush is paying homage to […]

Do you like the Pope’s outfit?

posted by awelborn

You might be surprised where he’s been…

On the air

posted by awelborn

Michael’s going to be on this show in a second.(it’s 4:10) Listen here.

The Unstrung Harp

posted by awelborn

For all the writers out there,,,, put us in our place. Via Lickona

Blogging Ethics

posted by awelborn

Some Singapore undergrads did a survey on blogging and blogging ethics late last winter. Here are the results.

A new bookmark

posted by awelborn

A lot of you will undoubtedly find this new site, The Catholic Report, handy. Lots of links, plus a news feed. Drudge with a rosary.

They’re already after the baby

posted by awelborn

Reader Tim sends along a link to one of those "not surprising but still…" kind of things. In brief: they’re already planning how to get your baby to buy stuff. Who is Gen We? A younger generation on the cusp […]

Could we put it any more directly?

posted by awelborn

From this site, thanks to reader Tom

Horrible, but a must read

posted by awelborn

Dawn Eden quotes liberally from and links to a horrifying, sobering blog entry by a medical student who performed her first abortions The emotional distance of this woman is horrifying. This is real, not an idea. This is life and […]

In this corner..

posted by awelborn

I would love to see Eve Tushnet debate/discuss life with Andrew Sullivan. It would be very illuminating, I think. Someone set this thing up.

Pope en vacance

posted by awelborn

This could be a reality show. Or one of those travelogue shows on PBS. Today, the Holy Father visits the botanical gardens. Other travelers follow, mesmerized by his fashion sense.

Michael got a cross in the mail..

posted by awelborn

…and thinks it’s a sign. Push us back up the list! Who needs that Catechism, anyway? Seriously – if you know anyone involved in Young Adult or College Campus Ministry, consider passing on our link to them and letting them […]

“Excessive Zeal?”

posted by awelborn

an Italian priest’s actions makes the London Times A PARISH priest has refused to give an Italian woman a Christian funeral because she had “lived in sin”. Father Giuseppe Mazzotta, parish priest at Marcellinara, near Catanzaro in Calabria, said that […]

More von Balthasar

posted by awelborn

(If you’re wondering why, it’s because it’s the 100th anniversary of his birth) Another America article: In method, Balthasar preferred an evocative and untidy richness over the kind of objective systematization characteristic of many great Christian thinkers. He suggested that […]

The Historian

posted by awelborn

On Beliefnet, the author of the new, best-selling novel, discusses Christianity, Prince Vlad, and the Dracula legend. I don’t know enough about the latter two to comment, but here it is for those who are interested: Your book gets deep […]

The Witness of Balthasar

posted by awelborn

by Edward T. Oakes, in America (full text available only to subscribers) Because I have spent much of my life trying to convey Balthasar’s massive achievement through translations, essays and monographs, I am often asked what first drew me to […]

Cancel his subscription

posted by awelborn

Plato’s Stepchild on the anti-Catholicism of The Economist…and other stuff too.

Speaking of Movies

posted by awelborn

Christmas at Maxwell’s is an independent film, the making of which is described in this Toledo Blade piece from today Mr. Laufer, 59, said Christmas at Maxwell’s was inspired by his Catholic faith and his mother’s own struggle with cancer. […]

Gibson’s next gig

posted by awelborn

Sounds odd Me, I’m so psyched about the Joaquin Phoenix biopic of Johnny Cash, I can’t stand it Watch the trailer, catch the line from the producer/whoever to Cash about what should drive him to write a song. Wow. And..Shelby […]

A Feminist After Her Own Heart

posted by awelborn

WaPo profile of Jane Sullivan Roberts….Feminist For Life couldn’t buy this great PR! In 1995 Jane Sullivan walked into the tiny downtown office of Feminists for Life, a group she’d heard about from a friend. Serrin Foster was staffing the […]

One More Word

posted by awelborn

Also in the Word from Rome, and very much worth reading, is Allen’s report on disciplinary actions against a religious order founder: The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued the decree May 27 in the case of 73-year-old […]

Evolving words

posted by awelborn

Do go check out The Word from Rome for snippets of various interviews related to the evolution flap I also had the chance to speak with Jesuit Fr. George Coyne, an American astrophysicist who has served as director of the […]

Wanna debunk?

posted by awelborn

The Bishops of England and Wales have an anti-DVC website One of the readers who passed it along noted that he’d seen a story about the website in news accounts…none of which bothered to give the URL. Helpful!

Mixed blessings

posted by awelborn

I love the Catholics of Nebraska, I guess, but I was, to say the least, a bit disappointed when I got off the phone radio interview and found that I’d missed a phone call from my absolutely favorite living American […]

Wanna Celebrate?

posted by awelborn

You could celebrate today’s feast by picking up one of these – or not. And if you want, in the extended text is the recommended prayer service for the day, provided by FutureChurch, which coordinates the celebrations Now, there is […]

Radio Daze

posted by awelborn

Me on this station at about 8:20 am central time, talking about the lady on the top left.

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