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From The New Yorker, an article about the Met’s acquisition of this painting It’s their most expensive acquisition ever – 50 million dollars, a Duccio. Apparently the piece is highly regarded because of its place as a sign of transition: […]

I see that one of our occasional, and always solid commentors (and a nice person – I met him when I spoke at Loyola College in Baltimore last yer) has a new book out from Brazos Press (one of the […]

I’m gone for like an hour to the libraray, I come back, and my email box is filled with missives sending me this story. A Christian adoption agency that receives money from Choose Life license plate fees said it does […]

Joseph pulled out an instruction book for a Chicken Run computer game and proceeded to read his brother a story. The Wizard of Oz. Being as I was at the computer, I took down dictation: "There once was a girl […]

Re/Schoenstatt Movement: Here is a little background on the image, Mary Thrice Admirable, which the Schoenstatt movement adopted.  My grandmother (I believe her family was from somewhere in Bavaria) gave a copy of this image with elaborate frame to Ursuline […]

I’m getting scattered complainst about the difficulty of commenting. All I can say is that I Have Done Nothing. I haven’t banned anyone in weeks, haven’t changed anything. Typepad "upgraded" last weekend, and perhaps there are glitches related to that. […]

This being Joseph Ratzinger, "vacation" does not mean idleness or leisure in the traditional sense. Unlike John Paul II, Benedict is not a man given to long walks in the mountains as a form of meditative prayer. Instead, he has […]

Missed this because we were on the road at the time, but last week, Jonathon Yardley had a nice re-assessment of The Habit of Being, the collected letters of Flannery O’Connor (not that his re-assessment was any different than his […]

Just as mizznicole from Austin mentions in a comment how helpful the Schoenstatt movement is to her, I post the Magister article that describes Benedict’s two assistants/secretaries (Ingrid Stampa being one, of course) as both being members of this movement. […]

A summary of this past week’s controversies, from Terry Mattingly