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In the WSJ, Frederica Mathewes-Green explains the differences between the RC and Orthodox understandings of "unity." From a Roman Catholic perspective, unity is created by the institution of the church. Within that unity there can be diversity; not everyone agrees […]

Another HP interpretation from Jonathon Last in the WSJ: it’s an allegory of English politics in the period between the two World Wars. Hey, he makes his case.

Thanks to the Anchoress for bringing the "paint-out" of the Trappist Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA to our attention. It’s a fundraiser described here: Plein Air Painters of Georgia, Inc , some of the Georgia ‘s most […]

From Regina Doman who is a very good YA novelist and editor of a forthcoming YA series (my daughter, who is 13, has read her novels and likes them very much). On Harry Potter: I don’t usually try to enter […]

Via After Abortion, a webpage of photos of memorials to the aborted unborn throughout the country

Jimmy Akin’s got more…from one of the sources in l’affaire Potter-Zinger And…I’m hearing that tomorrow night on CNN at 8pm Eastern (whatever show is on it still Paula Zahn? Whoever) will have a discussion between Michael O’Brien and John […]

If this is correct, and I make it to 93. Makes #45 go down a little easier…

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Earlier this week, I sent off a "book report" to my colleagues at Loyola about the reading I’ve been doing for the Classics series. I’m not going to leak that HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL white paper here, but there’s some fruit of […]

Jim Cork, from the comments: But seriously, I seem to recall that when then-Cardinal Ratzinger stated that the Iraq war could not be morally justified, many people protested that we were not bound by his private opinions, and that there […]