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Go here for a Susan Torres update. July 18 is the new baseline date.

How the British Medical Association was manipulated With so much at stake, more ought to be known about the shabby and undemocratic route to the BMA’s decision. The true story is that hundreds of delegates were not clamouring to help […]

Some museums are restricting access to certain artificats, in accord with religious sensibilities At the British Museum, founded as the home for Enlightenment values, Ethiopian tabots are wrapped in cloth and hidden in the basement. Curators, conservators and even the […]

Bishops to issue statement against Arroyo

Canadian RC MP told to back off from church activity Supports gay marriage. Voices hopes that Church will do so as well one day. Mr. Comartin also recently taught marriage preparation courses with his wife but will no longer be […]

With all due respect, it seems as if the Japanese are the masters of the artificial, creating fake stuff when the real isn’t available. Dolls for the childless, or grandchildless Fake Christian ministers for Western-style weddings Only 1.4 percent of […]

Not really. John Allen’s: Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Instrumentum Laboris, and some other matters, a few of which do not involve Latin titles. Here’s the text of the Synod’s working document in English, finally.

Via K-Lo at The Corner How can something be totally not surprising yet make your jaw drop at the same time? I’ve still not figured that out. I mean – of course that’s what they believe. But the in-your-face contempt […]

At the NRO blog "Bench Memo," Edward Whelan echoes my question. I’m sure it was totally intentional. …the letter displays not the slightest understanding that the role of a justice in the American constitutional republic is distinct from that of […]