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Here. Since support for abortion on the part of Catholic politicians is objectively a scandal, bishops have responded by teaching publicly and speaking privately to Catholic office holders. Because these measures have not been particularly successful, the question now is […]

At After Abortion. She was there. The March, in three words: “viciously, mercilessly abusive.” The amount of verbal aggression and abuse hurled at me personally, by women and men, of all ages, for carrying the I REGRET MY ABORTION sign, […]

Blogger The Truth Laid Bear says this is exactly what would-be-Communion-denying clerics are doing. Isn’t the Catholic Church doing Kerry a huge favor by starting to make noises that Catholic politicians who, like Kerry, support abortion rights are not fit […]

Reports Quietly gathering around the march were women and men — and college students — organized under a group called Silent No More, which works with families suffering from abortion. Their permit request was denied after an effective effort from […]

Terry Mattingly takes a look. It was also interesting to note that there few follow-ups on other interesting religion-news angles in the big story of the day. The Chicago Tribune advance story, for example, had featured an eye-opener of a […]

Charlotte Allen closes her observations: The most refreshing event of the choice-rally in my book took place at the film-festival movie we saw last evening, which was also attended by many marchers before they left town. The movie, “Two Summers,” […]

Michael Rubin wants to know Career diplomats now undercut democracy in Iraq. On April 23, L. Paul Bremer delivered a speech in which he embraced former Iraqi army officers and senior Baathists. He promised to rehire teachers fired not for […]

I have no idea why, but De-Coding is at 57 on BN today, has been floating in and out of the BN Top 100 all weekend. If only Amazon….sigh. I still have copies here. Order and I send out the […]

If you want even more information about debunking The Da Vinci Code, and, even better, want specific answers to your questions, here’s your chance: A “Two-Week Faith Blaster Mini-Course” I’m offering through HMSU. The format will allow you to get […]

Brouhaha An influential group of liberal-minded Catholic reformers is debating a response to Bishop Anthony Pilla, who recently banned the organization from meeting on Diocese of Cleveland property. Future Church, which claims more than 800 members locally, advocates allowing priests […]