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Not. Neumayr on Kerry Had the bishops restricted themselves to teaching the Catholic faith, there wouldn’t be this confusion for the Democrats to manipulate. Instead for decades many of the bishops have been acting like Democratic Party lobbyists, hovering over […]

Has anyone else gotten sucked into this vortex of Parenting Hell? It’s a series on Bravo, following several families promoting their kids in show business, from Florida to New York to California. I caught it by accident last week, thought […]

In case you don’t know, there has been much controversy over in the UK in recent weeks about a filmed and broadcast abortion. Christianity Today’s Weblog has many links to stories on the matter (scroll down.)

An excellent discussion board is here.

An article in Commonweal by the head of the Notre Dame Theology Department Perhaps the religious illiteracy of so many otherwise well-educated young Catholics is too familiar to bear mentioning again. One has come to expect that even at elite […]

…and you want it, I have about 20 copies left here. Ordering it through BN would be good, as long as it’s available in 24 hours or at the store, because it will indicate demand and set up a follow-up […]

If anyone is a subscriber to the Weekly Standard and has access to the online edition, would you mind sending me the text of J. Bottum’s recent article on Kerry and Catholicism? I’d like to see what he has to […]

Someone blogged this when it appeared…maybe Relapsed Catholic, but someone else sent it to me today, so….here it is. Doug Giles on men and church If the Church wants to recover its losses, we’ve got to draw the knuckle draggers […]

An article about Senator Dick Durbin The pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church, the parish that includes the Springfield home of U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, says he would not give Holy Communion to Durbin, who is Catholic but supports abortion rights. […]

Between Kerry and Cardinal McCarrick. Kerry’s going to run right-to-choose ads in conjunction with Sunday’s march. Likely Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry has started running television ads blasting President Bush for his pro-life position — specifically his nomination of pro-life […]