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Coming up in DC on April 25. Big list of celebs involved Including Celebrity Catholic Martin Sheen, Mr. Nonviolence.

For today. To that end, Donohoe has reworked the scenario of Mass, which has a text based on the liturgy of the Roman Mass with additions by Godspell author Stephen Schwartz. The original story focused on one lead character, the […]

Orlando family adopts not one, not two, not three…but nine neglected Russian siblings – “social orphans” The Zorcs stepped forward to adopt the children. Frank Zorc, himself the second oldest of nine children, felt strongly about keeping the siblings together. […]

Someone below asked about the difference between “servant of God” and “venerable.” Servant of God is first, and relatively general. It is a recognition of holiness that marks the opening of the cause. After this point, the cause proceeds, with […]

Stop picking on poor John Kerry. A reader sends this link and quote Interesting quote from John Kerry on the question of the supposed “secret oil deal”: “It is fundamentally wrong,” he added. “It’s my prayer that Americans are not […]

Had a busy, fragmented day … write stuff, write something else, be on the radio, go to the grocery store, be on the radio again, prepare books for shipping, go to the post office, fix dinner, walk…. etc. But it’s […]

I’m still trying to digest this one. On one level, I agree with one of the Slate observers who writes I think it might represent the purest distillation so far of the Sopranos ethos: to relentlessly invert the most sacred […]

From a review in National Review (Dead Tree Edition) by Mike Potemra: The Da Vinci Code phenomenon continues to amaze. Its central allegations percolated for years in the pages of quack-history books, attracting little attention. Along came author Dan Brown, […]

From the Phoenix New Times (alternative paper), The Divine Sociopath…aka, Bishop O’Brien The opening is funny in a very sick, tragic way. The rest of it is just sick and tragic. But not surprising.

This morning in the Clementine Hall in the presence of the Holy Father, members of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and the postulators of the respective causes, 15 new decrees were promulgated. Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, prefect of […]