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I was thinking tonight, as I was playing computer solitaire in Joseph’s room, waiting for him to go to sleep, about Graham Greene and John Kerry. I was thinking about Greene’s relationship to the Church – one would never call […]

Fr. Raymond de Souza over at First Things All of this demonstrates that the Canadian understanding of the vital importance of religious liberty is enervated indeed. In the space of a few months, the state has moved into a sphere […]

If anyone out there has a good solid lead on someone, somewhere who had a good solid connection with Taylor Caldwell, let me know. I’m truly at the end of my rope, I need some information, and when that happens, […]

…have not been reading N.T. Wright for the past three months, as the right rail indicates. I’ve been reading other things, but not as much as I should. Mostly novels. Mostly 20th century novels with Catholic sensibilities. Short ones, long […]

And they are filthy liars.

The Spring 2004 City Journal is online as well as much, if not all of this week’s UK Tablet.

I can’t speak for anyone else but *I* hold Bush and every other political leader to just as high a standard on abortion or any other justice issue as I do a Catholic candidate. Which is why I regularly catch […]

as it always is in these kind of discussions…”Why don’t you expend the same energy in criticizing Our President and his failure to live up to Catholic standards?” Well, he’s not Catholic. And believe me, as I’ve said before, there’s […]

Forgive the crass commercial, but here’s my current stock, all of which I would be very grateful to get rid of: 16 copies of The How-To Book of the Mass. You can get a good sense of what the book […]