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Why wonder that he doffed his garments willingly, Who had unclothed himself of heavenly majesty? Why wonder that he tied a towel round his waist, Who, for our sakes, as Master, assumed a servant’s place? Why wonder that he washed […]

The Revealer has a very thorough look at the coverage of the press marking 10 years since the Rwandan genocidal massacres, emphasis on the religious angles.

With me on The Book. Scarce info on the book’s availability, which is odd, but I guess people can find it. Buy De-Coding Da Vinci here, or via Amazon – link on the right. (There is a slight error in […]

RP Burke sends in this Anne Applebaum column I’m not quite sure how it got to be this way — writers of heavy books on one side, mass media on the other — because it wasn’t always so. The great […]

Says he wouldn’t refuse Communion Asked whether he would follow at least one other bishop who directed priests to deny Communion to politicians who back abortion rights, George said: “No, not at this point. No.” He made the comments at […]

Trying to find a way to keep a parish open Some former parishioners of the shuttered St. Francis Xavier Church in downtown Nashua believed they had created the perfect plan to reopen their church: The cash-strapped Manchester Diocese could sell […]

At the Spectator, Shawn Macomber weighs in The National Abortion Federation, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and Planned Parenthood, along with a few abortion doctors, are currently waging legal battles in three states to get the law struck down. After […]