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On the DMN Blog. Rod gets called Torquemada. He can add that to the list. His primary debate opponent on the blog says: Inquisitors separate the good enough Catholics from the not-so-good enough Catholics. I think that’s what you did […]

Father Arko pleads guilty, gets his suspended sentence An unrepentant Rev. Richard Arko pleaded guilty Tuesday to growing marijuana in a closet in his rectory, saying he hoped that someday it would not be a crime. “I strongly believe in […]

I’ll be on Kresta in the Afternoon in a couple of hours – 5:30 Eastern. See ya there! Update: Scratch that. They’re having a wildly successful open line session on movies, and they don’t want to cut it off. We’ll […]

Reported here The homily offered one of the first major illustrations of how O’Malley views American culture, and of how his status as a Franciscan Capuchin friar affects his priorities. He spoke at length about the importance of preaching, which […]

On hold for now. The leadership of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has rejected the recommendation by a panel of prominent Roman Catholic lay people that it immediately authorize a second round of independent audits of sex abuse procedures […]

Fisking Kerry’s Catholic pronouncements And this, which states the point succinctly: Prior to these remarks, the question confronting the bishops was this: “Can a man who runs for president claiming to be Catholic while rejecting key Catholic moral teachings be […]

Minkler’s death ruled a suicide.

Over at The Corner, which I hadn’t read the past couple of days, including a statement from the Bishop of Trenton on NJ’s Governor: “When he refers to himself as a devout Catholic and supports legislation and programs that are […]

..or don’t. There is a burgeoning situation in the Archdiocese of New York in which a pastor of a parish has resigned rather than comply with Cardinal Egan’s order to reinstate school administrators and teachers he maintained were responsible for […]

I agree with Fr. Rob on this one. Not our problem, not our business, not the issue for us – dealing with the matter of Kerry’s public life, statements and policies. If some Catholics go after Kerry on the annulment […]