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Get Religion on the Cel Phone at Communion and other matters The Revealer on the religious element in conflict (to put it mildly) in Iraq, South Park’s “The Passion of the Jew,” and a continuing conversation on the influence of […]

Alan Wolfe looks at several books about freethinking, atheism, and doubt

On tonight, Charlotte Allen takes a look.

Someone wrote to remind me that I’d said I’d have the DVC book for sale today. I forgot. I’ll work on that today, promise, and let you know when the bookstore is updated.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education. The usual suspects trotted out to say their lines, but what’s interesting is the list of planned institutions – some I’d not yet heard of.

The book signing went fine. We were pretty busy in the morning – met a reader of this blog! Hi Tom! – and things slowed down in the morning. I will say this, however – the only customers the store […]

A look from the Toledo paper

No, not for an abuse defense. For a real estate deal gone bad. A Belleville Diocese priest facing a $650,000 judgment over a real estate venture gone bad is now soliciting funds from the general public to pay his mounting […]

In Boston McLaughlin, second-generation Irish and Spanish-English bilingual, has been at St. Benedict Parish for nearly two decades. It was he who first took the Stations outside to the streets 16 years ago. ”I knew they did it in warmer […]

Went to church. A Catholic, Kerry marked Palm Sunday and the start of Easter week at the Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church where he was given a hero’s welcome. “We’re thankful that there’s going to be a revolution in […]