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Via The Corner, the US Bishops have issued a statement on The Kass Commission report , found here, taking the Commission to task for even tentatively approving any toying with any human embryos at any stage. Ramesh Ponnuru questions the […]

Tomorrow morning, 8:30 am Eastern, me on Morning Air Not With Jeff Cavins, but with Theresa Tomeo!

Conor Dugan responds to Matthew Yglesias on Catholics and politics

From PW’s Newsline: A groundbreaking new book will come out next week that will refute the claims made in another new book that may undermine the tenets of a really old book. “The book is meant as a refutational handbook […]

From a Comment: And remember, 44 is the new 34 🙂 Words to live by!

And they look nice. And there’s a nice review coming from a rather important online source sometime in the next few days, I think. I guess. I’m still not going to put it on the bookstore until Monday – we’re […]

So I guess I can tell you. Yup. Nothing like old ladies being pregnant, huh? Coming your way, December 2004: The Return of In Between Naps. (Sorry about that for those who checked in earlier. I’m just so accustomed to […]

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Cardinal George explores the question We pray these Lenten days for those to be baptized at the Easter Vigil. In the early years of the Church, it seems that those being baptized turned west, toward the setting sun and the […]

Peter Steinfels takes a look at the John Jay Report Many conservatives have blamed the scandal on a postconciliar “silly season” along with a “culture of dissent.” Liberals have emphasized, on the contrary, a repressive culture of denial, silence, and […]