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Bishop O’Brien sets up help line — A helpline linking you with retired Catholic Bishop Thomas O’Brien is up and running. The public can call and ask O’Brien to visit someone who is seriously ill or dying. Callers hear a […]

Not much happening here. I’m working on This Thing I’m working on, and then there’s That Other Thing I’m working on. The first thing I’m well into the groove of, (is that a good phrase? Nah) and my worries of […]

From Nat Hentoff in the Washington Times, Reclaiming Pro-lifers Quiet as it’s kept, the diminishing Democratic majority in Congress for the past quarter of a century equals the rate at which pro-life Democrats have been abandoning the party. This was […]

Here’s what’s coming up regarding media and me and De-Coding: 1) There will be an article in tomorrow’s Orlando Sentinel about The Da Vinci Code, written by their books editor Nancy Pate, which will include stuff about my book. 2) […]

Reader David points me to Matthew Yglesias’ blog where they’re discussing Catholicism and politics, with references to discussions on a couple of other blogs. Go over and chat about that “increasingly homogeneous” Church of Uganda, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Colombia, […]

The latest Left Behind book is ready for you to purchase Mr. Fillingane, owner of Lemstone Books in Hattiesburg, Miss., has arranged television, radio and newspaper advertisements and even a marquee over the front of his local mall, and next […]

And further, it’s going to turn out to be an enormouse test of Catholic leadership in the United States. The John Kerry candidacy, of course. Are they up to it? Can they put aside their 501 (c) (3) fears? Why […]

Receives award. Hubbard, leader of the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese, did not acknowledge the more than 100 pickets holding signs that said “Shame” and “Support the Victims” as he walked into the Sunset Banquet House to be honored as “Humanitarian […]

That Dave Armstrong’s piece here might be helpful reading. It gives a sweeping view of the forest for those amongst the trees. Sure, he talks in terms of decades and generations, but the folks who are suffering need some words […]

…for Stuart Buck, weblogger and ocassional poster here who suffered two strokes over the weekend: Stuart suffered two strokes this weekend. He is able to speak, and in the hospital in Arkansas, but we don’t know anything else yet. Pray […]