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I didn’t shut down comments out of orneriness. I just didn’t like the tone that has been building over the past few days – on one level, I understand, but it also strikes me as not the tone I want […]

In honor of the Feast of the Annunciation, John Kerry voted against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act The Senate cleared the way for passage with a 50-49 vote to defeat an amendment, backed by opponents of the bill, that […]

Closed until Saturday morning, I think. We’ll abstain from comments on Friday. So DON’T write to me asking why you’ve been banned. There’s a trick where I can ban everyone. Which is the only way to close all comments easily. […]

From a new blog Business schools are dedicated to teaching executives how to improve personal and organizational performance. For example,Sidney Finkelstein, at Dartmouth, has conducted extensive case studies of how successful exucutives ignored reality until they failed. Hard working and […]

From Mark Windsor I pray my way through breakfast and recite the reading on the drive to church. I try to get there early and have some quiet time to focus myself on my task. If there’s time I say […]

Here’s a FoxNews article Hey! This gym is in Clermont, Florida! Last I heard John Dominic Crossan lives in Clermont! Talk about spiritual synergy!

Coming in May Italian publishing giant Mondadori announced Wednesday it is negotiating worldwide rights for Pope John Paul II’s new book, a recollection of his years as bishop in Poland. The book will come out in Italy on his 84th […]

From jail From his jail cell in Clayton, a Catholic priest serving three years for sex abuse is waging a canon law war to remain a cleric – and is pulling his accuser into the fray. The Rev. Bryan Kuchar […]

I suppose that is what I don’t understand in these liturgy discussions. You’re faced with an imperfect celebration of liturgy. What’s the proper spiritual response, while you’re sitting there? Get ticked off? Nurture your sense of pride? Thank God that […]