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If anyone has a library account at the Cuyahoga County Library System, take a minute if you don’t mind and go to their suggestions for acquisitions page and recommend De-Coding Da Vinci. (publisher: Our Sunday Visitor, Huntington, IN, April 1, […]

Does anyone else think that the Ascension Press e-list has been afflicted with some sort of persistent nasty virus? I’m getting tons of meaningless email from them.

The Revealer wonders about something that pops up regularly around here: Better questions for religion writers are: Does the mostly conservative St. Blog’s Parish present a bigger challenge to Church hierarchy than lay people’s democracy movement? How come progressive Catholics […]

From Cathleen Falsani at the Sun-Times In the 1960s, scholars argued that religion was growing increasingly irrelevant and that sooner rather than later the United States would become a completely secular nation. What has happened in the intervening years has […]

…to find at Annie Dillard’s official website. The photos, I mean. My role model!

Michael is posting great daily meditations here He’s also got capsule descriptions of the many very good books he edited for OSV’s spring line.

…and the ministers performing same-sex marriages. Here’s a profile of the prosecutors But since Mr. Williams, the district attorney of Ulster County, began prosecuting officiators of same-sex marriages in the village of New Paltz, letters have poured in. And hate […]

This is only an editorial in the Pasadena paper, and I can find nothing else on the story, but there’s controversy in Pasadena over the tranfer of a priest Still, it is answers, that’s what the public is looking for […]

Mark Windsor has moved his blog!

A reader points me to Something John Allen pointed to last week that I missed, a report from the Council on Culture on the status of belief and unbelief in the world. Here are the key findings from that survey, […]