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At HMS Blog(in several posts), disturbing notes on “selective reduction” in Catholic hospitals, expanding on a piece that appeared originally in OSV. Isada also co-authored a paper on selective abortions in multiple pregnancies. Additionally, he was party to a lawsuit […]

I’d read an article about this before, but here’s a new one, especially for those under the impression that the Amish don’t travel unless by horse and buggy: (It’s a really nice article – well worth your time) A Piece […]

An editorial from the LATimes, which has not distinguished itself by aggresive reporting in this area When it comes to investigating priests accused of molesting children, Los Angeles Cardinal Roger M. Mahony is more aggressive than any other bishop in […]

An excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Words We Pray: Discovering the Richness of Traditional Catholic Prayers (Fall 2004 from Loyola Press) (Excerpt from manuscript submitted to publisher, which is currently being eviscerated and probably vastly improved by editors. I […]

Basic information and links about St. Patrick here. Here’s a link to the Confession of St. Patrick And here’s a link to a version of St. Patrick’s Breastplate, or the Lorica I bind myself to-day The strong Name of the […]

First I’ll get my negativity out of the way. Then I’ll sing the praises of St. Patrick himself. My negativity is rooted in my adolescence, a time during which I was (surprise) particularly full of myself and determined to be […]

Thanks to K-Lo at the Corner, that’s what’s happened to my Amazon ranking! Much appreciated. For those of you who would like to read more on what I’ve written on DVC, here are four pieces: My first, extremely snide review, […]

What happened with the self-identified gay groups and St. Patrick’s Day parades? Does anyone fight about that anymore?

I always enjoy seeing our local Buddhist monks around town, here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There are a few living in a wat about a mile away, somewhere between K-Mart and Scott’s grocery store. They are Burmese, I think. Bald, […]