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Let’s see where we stand on the past week’s referenda on 60’s religious-tinged culture: Brother Sun, Sister Moon: Guilty pleasure. Illustrations in the Good News Bible I never said, but yes, I liked them. The Lord of the Dance With […]

From the New Statesman, the leftist British publication The violence is not only heavy-handed, it is unrealistic. I know this because I have been crucified myself. An enactment ritual has existed in the Philippines since 1961, and in August 2000 […]

Lists some Catholic blogs it likes. Thanks!

An analysis from a political scientist in the Globe The virtues of such hierarchy and authority were never clearer than in the last decades of the 20th century. As white Catholics began leaving the city in increasing numbers, many urban […] my house. Phone rings. It’s my oldest son, down in Tennessee. Him: Mom, wasn’t there an emu farm across from Katie’s old school? Me:: (taken aback) Uh- what? Him: (patiently) Wasn’t there an emu farm across from Katie’s old […]

Jason Berry writes on the work of the Bishops’ review board, through the eyes of one member in particular Three days before the National Review Board released its report, attorney Pamela D. Hayes left her Fifth Avenue law office in […]

From last Sunday’s WaPo: Clerical Sexual Abuse and the Courts Until now, prosecutors have been loath to find mens rea, or criminal intent, in any bishop or church leader for aiding and abetting. No matter how serious their malfeasance, surely […]

A thought-provoking story about a church and a criminal The prosecution of an ex-policeman convicted of coercing sex from women has brought attention to an unlikely place: a large, liberal and feminist church congregation that offered to oversee his punishment […]

….spending a lot of time and energy arguing about the role of secular Jews in communism, why don’t we worry about the role of American Catholics in supporting legal abortion and other fruits of contemporary civilization? I mean, really.

A three-year long study draws to a close Diocesan churches serving more than 800,000 Catholics engaged in a lengthy period of self-study and reflection and came up with goals they shared with other churches in their regions. The last of […]