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January 1, 1970 Archives

Here’s a Detroit Free Press article highlighting new DVD releases out today. Schindler’s List is the big one, but also out today is Far more tasteful is 1972’s “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” (TWO STARS out of four stars, Paramount, $14.99), […]

A column in the Jerusalem Post takes on James Carroll. Perhaps most inexplicable, given the writer’s awareness of the lethal impact of the inculcation of hatred against Jews in Europe, is his apparent refusal to credit Palestinian hate-indoctrination as the […]

Today’s “Make new American bishops day” at the Vatican, I guess: – Appointed Bishop Robert Joseph McManus, auxiliary of the diocese of Providence, U.S.A., as bishop of Worcester (area 3,966, population 762,207, Catholics 390,207, priests 373, religious 650), U.S.A. He […]

Joseph Epstein dissects the American fixation on youth At a certain point in American life, the young ceased to be viewed as a transient class and youth as a phase of life through which everyone soon passed. Instead, youthfulness was […]

Michael beat me to it. Could this have been the worst Jesus film ever made? he asks. Yes, probably, I say. We were shrieking with laughter…”My father’s told me everything I have to do. You aren’t ready to handle the […]