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…whatever. Canadian Christian writer catches hell for not liking TPOTC very much In the past week I’ve been called “sick,” I’ve been told to keep my “big fat mouth shut.” I’ve been told I write “garbage,” I’ve been called various […]

From the National Post (Canada), Christians will win the culture wars, says columnist Elizabeth Nickson. Is anyone else getting sick of gay marriage? Don’t haul me off to the gulag’s re-education room, and beat me with rubber hoses, for heaven’s […]

Battling against embryonic stem cell research In the tradition of Gregor Mendel, the Austrian priest who fathered genetics, Pacholczyk, 39, comfortably shelves science and religious faith side by side in his psychic library. By day, Pacholczyk, who has a doctorate […]

Today is the day on which recommendations are made public as to which parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston should be closed. Plenty of coverage from the Globe: Here Here Here Here and Here In addition, Dom, who is on […]

Frank Bruni reflects on the lengthy pontificate of JP2 Scholars and Vatican officials and analysts said in recent interviews that the amount of time John Paul had spent in office had exponentially increased his effect on both the church and […]

Restoring mosaics in NYC Ms. Rosen, 43, is an art restorer who works mostly on paintings, here and in Italy, where she helped restore ceilings at the Vatican. But for the past two months, she has been caring for another […]

Weakland set to preside at a confirmation; protests ensue Nonetheless, Szews said he was surprised about the reaction, saying that St. John’s “has always been what some would call a ‘progressive’ parish.” “I would have thought that it was a […]