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January 1, 1970 Archives

A fascinating interview from her native Scotland As soon as she stopped taking the pills she began to recover, and as soon as she recovered she converted to Catholicism: a major step for a daughter of Presbyterian Edinburgh. “I find […]

Dattilo died overnight at Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill, where he had been hospitalized since Feb. 7, the Rev. T. Ronald Haney said. “He had heart problems, respiratory problems, kidney failure and diabetes,” Haney said.

Experiments exploring the question In the first of what he hopes will be a series of experiments, Dr Beauregard and his doctoral student Vincent Paquette are recording electrical activity in the brains of seven Carmelite nuns through electrodes attached to […]

New one is up. John Allen dissects the two main schools of thought regarding the next conclave: Italian or Latin American. Speaking with members of the College of Cardinals, there seem two grand hypotheses these days for the next papal […]

Charles Krauthammer: Vatican II did not question the Gospels. It did not disavow its own central story. It took responsibility for it, and for the baleful history it had spawned. Recognizing that all words, even God’s words, are necessarily subject […]

As I said yesterday, any “thinking” blogging has been overshadowed by mere “linking” blogging this week, and partly because I’m trying to get into the groove of a project. Once I get my head in that space, it’s smooth sailing, […]

Abusing priests + Protecting bishops = The Third Degree for Lay Volunteers A Virginia columnist wonders why. (Problems acknowledged, but I will say that the one case of sexual abuse and the Church with which I had more or less […]

Remember the Pat Oliphant cartoon with a little boy Mel Gibson inspired by his beating at the hands of a nun? The Boston Globe Ombudsman talks about the fallout Scores of readers quickly phoned or e-mailed their dismay and their […]

Alternative weekly looks at Bishop Tod Brown After a brief lead-in showing Brown’s infamous Jan. 18 Martin Luther rip-off (during which he nailed his “Covenant with the Faithful” to the door of Orange’s Holy Family Cathedral), Nightline correspondent Ron Claiborne […]

Interesting article from the UK Tablet on the sexual abuse report, focusing on the flashpoint of some of our discussions here. Personal or systemic sin? Or both? “PIU difettoso, il migliore,” as they say in Rome: “The worse, the better.” […]