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At CT’s Film Forum Worth reading, as always. And Barbara Nicolosi has more on the ugly baby Yes, I know there’s more going on than this. But this week, I’m in the midst of really trying to get my head […]

Michael Novak on NRO People say that Catholics in America vote pretty much like other citizens — but the people who say that usually lose the Catholic vote. A people’s historical experience blows like a wind against snowflakes, driving enough […]

Easterbrook compares Gibson and Zefferelli As millions of people troop to a religious film that is totally inappropriate for children–yours truly is still trying to get his head around that–I watched again Franco Zeffirelli’s 1977 Jesus of Nazareth. The contrasts […]

On “The Passion of the Liberal” One Times review of “The Passion” said: “To be a Christian is to face the responsibility for one’s own most treasured sacred texts being used to justify the deaths of innocents.” At best, this […]

British novelist Hilary Mantel reviews some books and discusses physical suffering and young female saints What should Jesus want her to suffer? To talk about female masochism seems reductive and unhelpful. You have to look the saints in the face; […]