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Anyone interested in the “Catholic reaction” to Gibson’s film would do well to take a look at the contrasting views of Peter Nixon and Mark Shea: From Peter at Sursum Corda I was just sickened by the flogging scene. It […]

CT wants to know But what about the ugly baby? “Again,” said Gibson, “it’s evil distorting what’s good. What is more tender and beautiful than a mother and a child? So the Devil takes that and distorts it just a […]

That California decision A California law that entitles women to birth control coverage in their employee drug plans doesn’t discriminate against church-affiliated agencies like Catholic Charities that object to contraceptives, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday. In a 6-1 ruling, […]

I hope that every person who berates others for criticizing TPOTC, for suggesting that it’s a spiritual experience that shouldn’t be seen as an object of criticism never, ever leave a Roman Catholic Mass griping about the music, the homily, […]

I forgot to mention that theologically, I really appreciated the way that Gibson emphasizes the meaning of the Eucharist in relationship to the Cross, as well as the place of Mary. There is something profound there, and very good. When […]

I’m trying to decide if my muted reaction to this film is due to all I’d read about it beforehand. I don’t think it was. I’m a big spoiler person – that is, I always read about movies before I […]

One point that the conversations about this film has exposed, once again, as if it needed even more exposure, is the brazen hypocrisy of cultural pundits. In short: every artist’s right to produce what he or she wants to produce […]

A reader sends along this link to a discussion board over at Christianity Today

Seeing TPOTC We watch “The Passion” together, as Jesus gets slapped and beaten and scourged until his body is transformed from solid to liquid, with loose bunches of skin hanging as if from a reptile trying to molt. We watch […]

Hundreds turn out to hear Da Vinci Code stuff On Sunday at the Pope exhibit (more on that later), we were standing in front of a display of Mass accoutrements, which include, on the explanation placard, a reproduction of Leonardo’s […]