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..that the comments are a little wacked. If you don’t see your comment, don’t panic, and don’t repost fifty times. I’m not deleting anything, but comments seem to be delayed in showing up, and at times simply disappear. I don’t […]

Just a quick, incomplete rundown of my reaction to specific critiques of the film: Film is weakened because of lack of context Well, as countless have pointed out, it’s a Passion Play. But what gives this critique weight is that […]

First the anti-Semitism. I can very well see, very easily and sympathetically see how someone attuned to such matters could find much in the film to critique on this level. I don’t think that every critique of the film’s treatment […]

Before you start reading my thoughts, you should probably go read what Charlotte Allen has to say in the LA Times. Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” may well be the best movie about Jesus Christ ever made. Yet, […]

Well, now I can know what everyone’s talking about. Saw TPOTC on Saturday, as it turned out. Michael came up with the idea of me and Katie seeing it at the big AMC theater in Newport, KY, so he could […]