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From the comments boxes of this blog: “It’s not the whiteness, it’s the niceness” and “Down Willow Creek without a paddle.”

CT Film Forum has some early reviews In an article appearing soon at Steve Lansingh’s The Film Forum, film critic Stef Loy says, “The Passion of the Christ is a visceral, cinematic pulse enabler, raw and bloody, ready to bite […]

via the Martin Marty Center I’m intrigued by another possibility of response. Based on the excerpts that I have seen, I think the movie will offend many mainstream white religious audiences and resonate deeply with most blacks. The icons, art, […]

The Biblical Way of the Cross that Michael and I wrote a little while back. I’ve put it up for sale at the bookstore. No, this isn’t The Book. I’m not allowed to discuss that yet. Once the publisher actually […]

…so how does that make you feel? A piece in the LATimes Freud is truly in a class of his own. Arguably no other notable figure in history was so fantastically wrong about nearly every important thing he had to […]

Reflecting on the abuse crisis, and in particular a bishop’s role: Although many priests have made impassioned statements of solidarity with victims, few have publicly criticized the bishops. That silence may change after Feb. 27. Priests need to affirm the […]

You’re invited to run on over to Heart, Mind and Strength University for Living and check out the workshops, including mine on Parables – one-on-one online interaction, enrichment and education!

I didn’t want to keep posting about That Film, but people keep writing about it. So we’ll just devote a post a’ day to it: From the NYPost: Selling nails as licensed products. This is not entirely new. I don’t […]