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From today’s SF Chronicle, hat tip to Jimmy Mac: The Most Contentious Story Ever Told 100 Years of Fury over Jesus Films Art Scandals as Old as Religion Jesus’ Life in Music

One of several we’ll see over the next few days, this one with the LATimes Given that early audience tracking forecasts suggest that “The Passion of the Christ,” — even with its protracted torture sequences, R-rating and dialogue in Aramaic […]

A fascinating story about a Boston Catholic parish torn up by anti-gay-marriage fliers in their midst. Since the Supreme Judicial Court ruled to legalize gay marriage in November, Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley has been speaking out against same-sex marriage, and […]

Some Catholics, finally, quoted in regard to the movie. From the Rev. Jordi Rivero, director of Respect Life ministry of the Catholic Archdiocese of Miami: “The Passion movie portrays most faithfully and impressively the Passion of Our Lord. It is […]