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January 1, 1970 Archives

From apologist extraordinaire Dave Armstrong.

Here at Catholic Exchange. A note about all the qualifications at the beginning of the piece. See, when you write for the Catholic press (this piece, abbreviated, originally ran in OSV), you have to fight against the deeply-held sentiment for […]

I’ll be doing my usual gig on HMS radio today, discussing my humble contribution to the new Heart, Mind and Strength “University for Living”, which takes the form of a 6-week course on the Parables of Jesus. Here’s the press […]

Not online yet, and not even on the newstands, but the cover article in the next issue of The Atlantic looks like a winner, if by “winner” you mean provocative: How Serfdom Saved the Women’s Movement Because of “the unmade […]

I sometimes feel as if I need a special section of this blog dedicated to “…and then what happened?” in which we follow up on stories we’ve mentioned in the past. Here are a couple for today: Rev. Arko pleads […]

I’ve not yet commented on the Bishop Hubbard situation up in Albany. For those of you unfamiliar with this latest twist in American Catholic Fun, a man came forward and said that his brother had committed suicide years before, leaving […]