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My daughter, my only daughter, is twelve years old. She is almost as tall as I am, has glasses, shoulder-length brown hair, and retainers on her teeth. She is in the sixth grade at a Catholic school, and is fairly […]

Word from Rome is up Interesting stuff on the anniversary of the Lateran Pacts and his perspective on the PX anti-ecumenism credo: Other than the pope, the villain of the story as told by the Lefebvrites is Cardinal Walter Kasper, […]

But apparently last night on ABC’s Primetime Live, Diane Sawyer visited those Kentucky Dads with Quads we discussed last year – remember the gay male couple who contracted with a surrogate mom to have babies, she had four, and we […]

And it has nothing to do with sex. At least I don’t think it does. Lutheran pastor leaves over participation in some lame Krewe A Lutheran minister who faced the furor of his congregation for donning a devilish-looking running suit […]

About your faith at this Cleveland-area community college Tuttle’s problems began last March when student Alexis Linton complained that he talked about his Catholic beliefs too often in the introductory philosophy class. She also said that he looked at her […]

In the wake of JanetGate, high school parents protest a plan for MTV to plan a reality series at their children’s school Okay. Has anyone actually watched MTV for the last, say….FIFTEEN years? Anyone heard of “Undressed?” Anyone watch 7 […]

From the Office of Readings today. The crosses were set in place. Father Pasio and Father Rodriguez took turns encouraging the victims. Their steadfast behaviour was wonderful to see. The Father Bursar stood motionless, his eyes turned heavenward. Brother Martin […]