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From Terry Mattingly and Douglas LeBlanc Add that to The Revealer, and you’re all set for some good meta-reporting on religion.

…for a while, I suspect. An NCR review, the first I’ve seen, of the new book by Jason Berry, along with Gerald Renner, Vows of Silence: The Abuse of Power in the Papacy of John Paul II It should be […]

Just a reminder that the reason blogging is way, way down is that last week I committed to write a book. By next week. So, you know. It keeps me busy. Once we settle on a title, I’ll tell y’all […]

Brought to you by Catholic Exchange and Ascension Press Good job!

From NCR’s Washington Notebook Next, did Burke, a canon lawyer, act properly under church law? Hard to tell. He employed Canon 915, which allows a bishop, in the name of quashing scandal and instructing the faithful, to deny communion to […]

From both ends of the spectrum: Cut it out and grow up. Peggy Noonan Our culture has been on a boil for years. Then it cooled a bit. The other night at the Super Bowl they put the flame higher […]