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I mean, really. It’s hard to figure out exactly what PBS is anymore. It seems as if its evening programming alternates between three-hour specials on the construction of a bridge and five-hour beg-a-thons framed around some guywith wavy hair playing […]

I’m going to start this thread, and then continue to link to it after it moves off the front page in a couple of days. What I want you to post here is news about events/activities/publications that you’ve seen from […]

…against the New Mexico priest who angered a family by his eulogy. Details at CT’s Weblog Nine relatives of former town councilman Ben Martinez had sued, saying that in the funeral eulogy, Mansfield called Martinez “lukewarm in his faith,” and […]

No, this isn’t about John Kerry. It’s actually far more serious, a quite interesting LA Times article about the possibilities of facial transplants. Of course the first thing I thought was, “What if the recipient’s body rejects a transplant? What […]

There is still a little fallout…er…falling regarding that America article on the “New Apologists.” My original post is here. Mark has commented. So has Lane Core So has Bill Cork, who has in turned been fisked by Dale Price and […]

When even Tom Shales thinks Lines Have Been Crossed.