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Peter Steinfels in the NYTimes The religion gap also turns out to be much narrower among Roman Catholics than Protestants. “Weekly Catholic Mass-goers supported Bush by a seven-point margin, in contrast to the 30-point margin among their Protestant counterparts,” Mr. […]

Philip Pullman that is. Honestly, people, get over Harry Potter. As I have been saying for ages, this other guy under your radar actually has an explicit anti-theist agenda he works into his books for 12-year olds. As in – […]

No, really. I insist. I’m not kidding. While I Was Sleeping My blood ran cold as I watched the video of Terri Schiavo. I shivered at the news that this brain-injured woman was comatose or in a persistent vegetative state […]

Also from John Allen, on some people’s favorite controversy. Rendering the Latin phrase pro multis as “for all” has long been Exhibit A in the traditionalist case against the English translation of the Mass following the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). […] up, with much of interest First, an interview with Cardinal Stafford, on the philosophy of Curial leadership: To put the point differently, the logic in appointing non-specialists is to ensure that Vatican departments are run according to the moral […]

<a href=" “>Thomas Aquinas students help close down abortion clinic In an interesting twist, the date of the clinic’s closing also marked the sixth anniversary of the untimely death of another Thomas Aquinas College student, 19-year-old Angela Baird, who launched […]

In the NYTimes, A.O. Scott compares the Passion skirmish over others in the past Well, it is and it isn’t. Hearing the charges of prejudice and persecution bouncing back and forth between Mr. Gibson’s critics and his partisans, I can’t […]

The excellent Eamon Duffy gives us an article in the Tablet on fasting There is much of interest here – Duffy deftly lays out the value of fasting against various objections, and discusses the differences between the British and American […]

…to Catholic Schools Week, which I have seen fit not to mention once. I guess maybe after almost twenty years of dealing with them as parent and teacher , my eyes glaze over at commercials blanketing our airwaves this week, […]