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In my new internet-ascetic mode (and hey, be quiet. I wrote 2000 words today. It’s nighttime. I’m allowed), I missed this piece from NRO on Archbishop Burke earlier. Scandal occurs in religious communities in the same way, and has the […]

Georgetown researchers to continue using cell lines derived from aborted human beings The letter last fall from an antiabortion group posed an unexpected quandary for Georgetown University Medical Center. A Florida-based group wrote to Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington […]

I like issues as much as the next person, but honestly, all I could watch tonight during the debate was John Kerry’s forehead. And…no way he didn’t do some Botox. No stinkin’ way. It was just too freakishly smooth…. (or […]

from the Chicago Tribune (Link requires registration) (According to a report released by a union attempting to organize the system) Chicago’s largest Catholic hospital system acknowledged Wednesday that it has cut charity care for the poor by at least one-third […]

Nothing like searching for your wallet and pulling out a VeggieTales CD. (I’d brought it in the car to play for Joseph during one of our jaunts, and forgotten to remove it from my purse, obviously.) I love VeggieTales – […]

Fr. Stanley, in a comment below, refers to someone cheating on an ethics paper. Heh. My favorite cry from my days in teaching in Catholic high school was one that would drift from the halls (in a school in which […]

I’m no economist, but one of the issues I find myself really interested in these days is outsourcing – sending white collar jobs from programming to accounting to technical support – overseas. (Similar, but not identical to simply shutting down […]