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Go read what Fr. Rob has to say about it.

In the post below, Carrie suggests that before Vatican II, there was little talk of apologetics. I don’t know if this is quite true, even though I wasn’t alive before Vatican II. I am sure there are historians of the […]

But I must comment further on the apologetics article cited below. Heh. Anyway, one of the great mysteries of church life to me is how some folks can’t quite grasp the lesson of this past Sunday’s second reading: you know, […]

A list of sites devoted to anti-Catholicism, from both religious and secular viewpoints. Via The Revealer

I’ll be on Kresta in the Afternoon today some time after 4pm ET, talking about high school theology textbooks in Catholic schools.

Some talk about this piece in the most recent issue of America, the full text of which is not online, but is outlined at Envoy Encore, via CWN (Be sure to read the comments at the Envoy post) The author […]

Hey! I want Catholics for Dean to reach out to me, too!!!!

Bill Cork raises an interesting question that I can’t quite get out of my mind. Last week, Raymond Arroyo interviewed Mel Gibson, and did not, according to reports, ask him about his precise religious affiliation, which we know is with […]

I want to set up some standards for discussing this film, which hardly any of us (including me) have seen. It’s a work of art. It’s not the Gospels, and it was not made by St. Mel. Therefore, it is […]

I just had a pleasant few minutes on the Jeff Cavins show, and one of the callers (from Texas, I believe) said that a (Jesuit-run) high school in his area had put The Da Vinci Code on its reading list. […]