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From the Weekly Standard, on the priorities of international organizations This November, Ellen Sauerbrey, representing the United States on the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, promoted a mild resolution–“very near and dear to us in America,” as she […]

Get down. In an unusual spectacle at the Vatican, Pope John Paul II presided over a performance of break dancers, who leapt, flipped and spun their bodies to a dance beat from a tinny boom box. The 83-year-old pontiff seemed […]

Gee, time flies. It’s the time of year (February 14 – “V-Day”) during which we get to contemplate how many Catholic colleges are hosting performances of that play. The Cardinal Newman website indicates that last year, 14 colleges cancelled performances. […]

I’d heard about this a few weeks ago, but this is really the first news article I’ve seen on it. Not that it really makes anything clear. Allentown Bishop orders Padre Pio Centre to stop having Mass No publicly stated […]

From the Salt Lake Tribune: In the face of the negative news, locals in 1979 proposed to build the white statue on a ledge blasted out of the Continental Divide, 8,510 feet above sea level. The statue, with upturned hands, […]

Do not, ever again, go around privately congratulating yourself on your good health and fine immune system especially a mere 48-hours after The Kroger Incident. You’ll pay. Well, my theory is that he did it on purpose – got everyone […]

By the time 2/25 rolls around, he and I are truly going to be the only people left in American who haven’t seen That Movie yet. An interesting take by a seminarian I wonder if, by re-enacting that which even […]

Says she might support partial-birth abortion ban, with a life exception. Legislation she vetoed last year — that could be revived in a petition drive now under way — “unfortunately did not contain an exception for the life of the […]

In case you don’t know, a “doula” is a person who assists a woman in childbirth. (Not a midwife, but more of a companion and support.) A woman in NYC got the idea to train and place doulas with the […]

Rebecca and Stephanie, those conjoined twins born last week, died on Saturday evening Although the twins made small improvements after their birth, their circulatory system and other shared organs made long-term survival impossible, Jansen said. The Rev. John Boyanowski, the […]