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Lucas Joseph Ignace Dreher Born today! 8 lbs., 2oz. Mother and baby doing well… God bless!

From Boston Link fixed. Sorry.

What happened yesterday. Testimony from two key witnesses Thursday revealed that Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien knew authorities wanted to question him about a fatal hit-and-run accident but he never called police, in part, because he didn’t know how to get […]

A WaPo article about the decline of bingo in Catholic churches Once a staple of fundraising for the Catholic Church, bingo night has fallen victim to changing times. A generation of regular players is aging and passing away. Younger churchgoers […]

and Catholic politicians In an interview with following the Vigil for Life Mass in Washington Wednesday, Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley expressed his great desire for a renewal of faith among Catholics. Asked about the problem of Catholic politicians promoting […]

Cardinal George steps up Cardinal Francis George on Friday barred the Rev. John Calicott from further visits to Holy Angels parish in Bronzeville after ruling the priest violated church rules concerning priests accused of sexual misconduct. The cardinal’s move comes […]

35 marijuana plants – a simple misunderstanding The Rev. Richard Arko is known as a gentle man – a vegan, yogi and massage therapist. He also takes in strays – animals and people. His friends believe his trust was betrayed […]

Today is the memorial of St. Francis de Sales, truly one of my favorite saints. Bishop of Geneva at a time during which the Calvinists were firmly in control, he ministered to his flock nonetheless, sometimes by stealth. A greatly-admired […]