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Made it through Kroger’s without incident. Unless you count seeing one of our local Burmese Buddhist monks, bundled up against the cold, with his orange jacket layered on top of his saffron robes, and a black cap with ear flaps […]

John Allen on many things, including the Passion, which includes a fascinating little tidbit about one of the assistant directors, and this conclusion about the quote flack: Reporters, myself certainly included, look like naïfs who have been spun every which […]

Last month, the ailing pontiff was quoted as having said after a private screening of the film that “it is as it was.” Asked Dec. 19 whether the quote was reliable, Vatican press secretary Joaquin Navarro-Valls told The Times, “I […]

That’s me. Look, I could say a lot about the discussions of this week, but I’ll try to keep it short. I think it’s safe to say that every single person posting comments here is a committed Christian, and the […]

Nothing puts a greater crimp in your carefully-planned day than having a toddler throw up all over himself and a little bit on you right in the middle of Kroger’s. Nothing. And it all liberally coats his jacket, which you […]

My husband likes to laugh at my oft-expressed “hatred” for various people. He says I hate everyone. I don’t. Really. But I do hate most of the people I see on television (okay, you know, not as individuals, because God […]

No, this time Doing Good Stuff As part of his desire to better the neighborhood, Angi became a volunteer probation officer for the Hamilton County courts system. About six people on probation, all of them neighborhood residents, report to him […]

An update.

…to March for Life. Prez is out of town phones it in. Of course, no president, even the “pro-life” ones have ever, ever appeared at a March for Life, right down the street from their house. Bush is no different. […]

I didn’t know that frequent poster, musician and Gainesville, Florida resident Mary Jane Ballou has a blog. Go visit! And make sure that when you read comments, you run your cursor over their name – sometimes the link is to […]